Web Conferencing Benefits

Web Conferencing Information

If you intend to compete in today’s economy, you must execute things in a new way. You have to be able to function on an international field and bring your team together, regardless of where they are. Due to technology, they are not required to come into the office for your meetings. They can be working from home or in another part of the country. All you need to do is connect them on the web conferencing system of your choice.

After you are connected you can administer the meeting online. You will enjoy the reliable service. There is no requirement to force your people to fly in or request them to drive in. Everything can be done online and that is the ideal solution for firms that want to be more productive. You will feel great removing all the downtime from the schedule.

Top level companies understand the value of spreading out their people and moving main players into districts. When there is a need to have a meeting to brain storm, check data, or talk about any pertinent business matter you want a solution that is reliable and effective. The web conferencing system will connect all of your players.

The meeting will be run easily. You will realize that this is a quicker way to do business, and convey information. You will not have to wait until everyone can get on the same schedule. You can create the schedule and just have your people go online at the same time.

Using this technology to your advantage is satisfying. You will be in a position to talk with people in real time and share data with no difficulty. You can give explanation, ask questions and answer questions with your employees quickly. No matter if they are a couple of floors down from you or hundreds of miles away, you can connect quickly.

When you are running a business, you understand the value of information and how vital it is to get the staff on the same page quickly. Many top level companies are enjoying a greater degree of success, due to making this technology work for them. Your company can be one of the many, which are benefiting by holding meetings online. Today is a perfect moment to move into online meetings.

Source: Audio and Web Conferencing


The First Sign of a Web Professional: Valid HTML

A lot of things have changed with web design since I first started coding web pages over 10 years ago. Back then, all of the code looked like English because it was written by hand, and what was generated by computer looked like a giant block of alpha numeric garbage. With innovative programs and scripts such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver and Joomla, every kid with a laptop and a 56k connection is now hawking web design services on the net. The one standard that hasn’t changed among the serious web development community is the requirement for valid code.

While design quality is completely in the eye of the beholder, the one mandatory requirement for a design to be labeled as a professional design is valid HTML code. HTML code is considered valid when the best practices are used and common mistakes such as duplicate object names are evident. While there are several ways to validate html code, the industry standard is the W3C validation service.

The W3C Markup Validation Service is free, and has been used to judge whether code is valid since I started back in the 90s. All you have to do is copy and paste the address of the page you want to validate into the validator, and the program does the rest for you. You can also specify the validator to show you the errors in the code so it is easier to go back and fix.

I know the last thing you want to do after spending several hours developing your website is to go back and fix small mistakes that do not affect the display in your browser. The most important reason to validate your code is that valid code is more likely to display properly across all platforms, and is more accessible to all users of the internet. Valid code is also a sign of professionalism that is not only going to be checked by potential clients, but is mandatory to be considered for hundreds of web quality awards that are assigned every year. Even though Google denies it, many SEO specialists believe that websites with valid code will rank higher in searches.

I always put the extra effort in to make sure at least my Index pages validate. I recently found that Google’s +1 button was not valid in XHTML 1.0 transitional because it was written for HTML 5. Instead of getting rid of the code, I reprogrammed it to use a Java command that was valid, and worked just as good as the snippet that came from the Google +1 page.

Using portals and blogging software such as WordPress add another degree of difficulty to validation. I recently ran into problems in the display comments widget for WordPress that arose from not having any actual comments in my database to act as a placeholder. I have also invalidated my website by simply adding extra parentheses in an alt tag for an image. These are both problems that would not occur in manual scripting, but are easy to miss when you are entering text into form fields that will eventually be inserted into your code.

Even if you are using blogging software, there is no excuse for having code that isn’t W3C valid. Remember to check next time you design a site yourself, hire a designer, or are curious to someone’s skillset. You can tell a lot about a web developer by giving their homepage this quick and simple test. After validating your own site, make sure to get your ‘W3C Valid’ button and display it on your web page with honor!


Tips for Web Application

The name the Web application at sea recalls us simply like destination ‘India, Brazil or Philippines or some other countries quickly in the process of development. It seems like if the place of the development of industrialization and infrastructure changes its dimension. It proves completely salutary for the geographical and political provinces distinct.

It is completely unhappy that the honorary trade and the department particularly in the American and European countries are critical Web application at sea for the continuous economic deceleration. Probably, they forgot to at sea count profit margins made by Web application . At all events! This article is not about their memory/vision the poor or good. It is exclusively about the Web application at sea in India. It is about the effort made by and similar of other companies.

Thus, which is special about DesignGenies or similar other companies. Naturally, the special one is its services. The special one is out of the businesses conceptualized by box making the approach of these companies. The weather were businesses being of the occasions if not even simple dreamed of the economic disaster which swallowed million work in the 2 or 3 months. There are businesses making of the occasions when almost everyone gave up the hope. In fact, time came to take a stronger jump while DesignGenies took. The principal incantation behind this enormous jump is work of quality on the most economic price. It is perfectly feasible if you could highly carry out the policy of market.

The problem is, nobody wants to take a risk. Thus, the companies at sea of Web must work of a riper manner and more person in charge. Now, the companies at sea of Web should amplify their customers ‘confidence and offer out of the ideas of box. For example, the companies at sea of Web application help now by widening your area of businesses. Now, the companies small study your action plan and propose the most immaculate manner to you to return it been successful.

The Internet plays the very crucial part here and the companies as DesignGenies realize perfectly with the enigma of the Internet. Consequently, such companies give you the most advantageous space with your business on the World Wide Web. The most advantageous space on the World Wide Web means Web site well projected and optimized for your business. They make it available to all your potential customers independently of the political and geographical borders. To be accessible is not good enough for businesses of good thus they make him the sugar refinery of eye as well.


How to Make Your Niche Website Stand Out

Niches are quickly becoming over-saturated. Many topics that were once obscure are now thoroughly written about. This is a disadvantage for many content writers and bloggers. It is difficult to bank off an area of expertise when there are thousands more with the same niche. While this factor is frustrating, it should not discourage an author to stray from certain topics.

Consider Competition

Before writing articles, perform searches on various search engines using relative key terms. Look for articles that appear on the first page in multiple search engines. Those are the articles to read. Search for information that their articles leave out. Compare their writing style, tone and grammar with your writing. Do you think you could add more to the niche or do a better job than the competition? If you were underwhelmed after reading multiple articles, write your own.

Question Motives

Is this a topic you are genuinely interested in or are you planning to use the site mainly for advertisement? There are many niche sites that aren’t updated regularly, lack quality content and showcases ads that are irrelevant to the niche topic. These sites are created by people who want to collect ad money. They are not particularly knowledgeable or interested in the subject. If you are genuinely interest in your niche, create a site. Soon enough, search engines and people will choose your quality content over sites that are not dedicated.

Be specific in the Title

Showcase what is unique about your niche site compared to the others. In other words, dissect the niche until you are focusing on one specific aspect of the topic. For example, Growing Tomatoes in Humid Climate would be Growing Creole Tomatoes in a Humid Climate. You will have to provide more detail. This is why it’s imperative that the author has a genuine interest in the topic.


Business Tools on the Web

Looking for something that will help your business on the web is not always easy. Browsing through so many websites and reading reviews and all the trouble we have to go through.

Well I think i cam eup with a solution that will help people find what they need for their business easier. They will be able to find services, websites and businesses that are actually trusted and respected by many people who use them every day or every week for their business needs.

I have been working on a website that is devided into three categories. TOP 100 websites on the web, TOP websites by categories that you are interested in and TOP websites by country. Well the business tools websites are located here and provide a list of companies and services who are in business for a long time and are recognized by many. The site in whole is still under construction and will be done soon. It is 100% FREE information and I would appreciate it if everyone spread the word about it. I created it to help people find trusted companies and services which they are looking for but are short on time and cant really look for information about the company and what it does. All the research has been done by me and only the best companies were and are being placed on this site. There is also a part of each category like in the business tools which shows people which companies offer deals and discounts on their services like: free business cards, free e-fax or stamps straight from your computer.

Look, learn, find and spread the word. Thanks in advance and I hope this will help many people. Thank You.


Tech-Crunch: A Web 2.0 Technology Blog

There are many good technology blogs out in the web-o-sphere, this month I’d like to bring you one that stands above the rest. A shining star among its long burned out cousins. The appropriately named Tech-Crunch. The writers are “Dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new internet products and companies. We also profile existing companies that are making an impact on the new web space.” Thankfully these guys and gals stick to their guns and deliver what they promise. The blog started out small but today it has many different facets, making it a one stop shop for all the newest IT news. They supply news on a variety of topics including new software, new companies, mergers, acquisitions, hardware and company information. There are special sections focusing on Technology, Gadgets, Mobile Devices, Enterprise Systems and my favorite section which is called CrunchBase. CrunchBase is a huge database of company profiles supplying such data as number of employees, the calculated impact that company has had on the economy, funding, investments, competitors, key people, history, website usage and some other interesting facts. It is a very handy way to look up companies. The site boasts an average of 20 posts a day during the week from a variety of staff writers. The writers are interesting and credible making for a very enjoyable read. The home page seems a bit busy at first and took me a little while to get used to. I recommend ignoring everything on the right hand side of the screen since it is mostly ads. Once I was over the initial distraction it was easy to focus on the good stuff, the tech news.

TechCrunch receives a rating of 9/10.

Their CrunchBase database is amazing but the amount of ads leaches some of the enjoyment out of the blog experience. If you’re looking for the latest news on the IBM acquisition of Sun Microsystems, improvements to the new iPhone 3.0 Operating system or perhaps a layoff tracker which keeps tabs on the number of workers companies are laying off then TechCrunch is the blog for you. Even if those topics don’t pique your interest head over to TechCrunch anyway, I bet my shorts you’ll find something interesting.


Generating Traffic to Your Website at Minimal Cost

Websites rely on traffic to generate income. If the website does not have a steady flow of visitors, the site will not have any chance of surviving or bringing in any income. Thousands of sites daily are drifting off into Internet cyberspace without any visitors because they’ve failed to bring in traffic and continue to flourish. It does however take money to generate income, but not a whole lot.

Have you ever thought how the sites drive traffic day-in and day-out to their site? Many of them are spending big money on different ways to get the traffic that they need to survive in today’s economy. Yes, they spend money. Spending money is needed to make money. Big money. If you’re Google, MSN and Yahoo, this is very nice and really not a problem. But what about the little guy?

If you don’t have those type of resources, there are many cost effective and low to zero cost effective ways to drive traffic to your site. Here we will look at 5 ways to generate traffic to your site.

Exchange Links

With this method both sites benefit. Go on any website and you will see many sites linked to that one. Click on one of those links and you will come to a page that has multiple links again. These are all exchanged links that benefit both parties. You can email a site that has similar content as your own or the same niche and ask if you could exchange website links.

Once you’ve exchanged links over time you will see a sudden increase in traffic.

The other advantage to this method is the inbound and outbound links on your site that will help you increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines. Getting a high ranking position will again help you to get more visitors to your site. The cost of this method is zero dollars.

Traffic Exchange

This is similar to exchanging links. There are several sites on the internet that involve traffic exchange. One of them is Easyhits4u. The site is designed to help you promote your site by increasing the number of visitors that actually view your site. You can also generate income from these sites from just viewing other sites. All websites benefit from this method. However, always check with advertises Terms of Service before jumping into this method.

Write Articles and Submit them to Article Directories

You can write articles yourself about your website or niche or you can hire “Ghost Writers” for a fee to write for you. Your articles should be informative and give advice in regards to your niches. Always include a resource box on the bottom page of your article. Here you can list your website link and some information about yourself. This is a sure-fire way for your site to be more visible and get more hits.

Write a Newsletter.

There are many writers that can easily be obtained through the internet that would be willing to write a newsletter about your site for a fee. It will also benefit the writer by advertising there services and if written well, you will be more likely to get traffic generated from this method.

Join Forums

One of the easiest ways to get more traffic is to join forums, and create a signature link. Every time you post to the forum, your link will be visible to every member who sees your post. In other words, when you place your link in your signature, do not leave your actual website link. Leave something “catchy” to grab the members attention. If you’re selling lamps, don’t just put “lamps” in your signature. Try something like “Get Turned On, Click Here!” This will trigger the members curiosity and bring your visitors to your site. The only thing this will cost you is your time. Join forums within your knowledge base and niche. You the more you contribute the more members will see your links and visit. Build a reputation in your field and you will surely get more visitors to your site!

Sources: DeAnna Spencer Ten Tips for Generating Traffic


How to Manage a Membership Web Site

In recent years membership Web sites have grown in popularity, and have become an excellent source of income for entrepreneurs who are will it put in the work it takes to get it going. If you are interested in setting up a membership website, here are a few options for you to consider regarding the management of your online business.

Option #1: Custom Design 
The best option is to contact a Web site designer in your area to create code that is specifically suited for your needs. It will allow you to manage your membership website in the way you would like to, and free you from fees incurred through your dependence on membership management services. It will also free you from any concerns about the stability of a service, should you decide to use an online service. If they should go out of business, your membership Web site would cease to function. You would be forced to quickly adapt your Web site to another service, or consider a custom management system created specifically for you.

Option #2: Subscription Service/Application 
The upfront costs can make a package membership Web site management service/application an attractive thing. Membership management packages include content management systems, templates for page layouts, and all the features you need to get your site going.

If this sound like a good option for you, here are a few recommended services/applications:

AMember is one of the most popular choices for membership site management. It is best suited for Web sites selling digital products. It has many features including free installation, web-based administration, and automated signups.

WishList Member is a WordPress plugin that provides an excellent tool for membership Web site owners that desire to run a site on a blog platform. Because it is a plugin, installation is amazingly easy. This management system provides you with a variety of membership website models, allowing you impressive flexibility.

Wild Apricot brings it all together, providing membership Web site owners with everything they need to run a successful online business, plus tools for email newsletters, blogs, forums, member database with automated renewals, and online event registration.

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What’s the Web Saying About You?

What You Need to Do to Clean Up Your Online Image

You’ve spent four (or five) blissful years hanging out with friends, partying like a rock star, and going to the occasional class. Now graduation is fast approaching and you need a job. In our increasingly technology-dependent society and a world filled with cell phone video cameras, employers are turning to the internet to learn what resumes don’t tell them-and you’d better know what the web is saying about you.

What to Do

1. Google yourself. Simply go to Google and search for yourself. Use all possible derivatives of your name. For example, if your name is Janet Katherine Smith, and your friends call you Jan, you need to Google the following list: Janet Smith, Jan Smith, Janet K. Smith, Jan K. Smith, Jan Katherine Smith. Do it with and without quotation marks. Now, if your name is more common, you’re going to have a difficult time deciphering what’s you and what’s one of the other 838,493 Jan Smiths. On the other hand, if the employer comes across a picture of your bare butt, he or she will probably assume that it’s not you. (Assuming your face is not in the picture.) Be sure to check the image and video tabs, as well.

2. Untag like it’s 1999. Next, go to Facebook and clean up. Your first step should be to change who can see your profile. Go to the privacy tab. Click profile. Now here’s where you can get creative. If your profile is clean, then you can leave it so that all of the people in your networks can view it. If not, then change it so that only your friends can view it. As for pictures and videos, I suggest setting it so that only your friends can view them. And if your friends are prone to writing dirty notes on your wall, fix that too.

Go back to the main privacy page. Next, go to search. Here you can control who can find your name on the search function and what they can see. The main thing we’re looking for on this page is the little box next to the line that reads: “Create a public search listing for me and submit it for search engine indexing.” If this box is checked, uncheck it immediately. This prevents people from finding your Facebook page using a search engine.

Back to the Privacy page one more time. If you know your potential boss has a nephew that went to your college, you can add him to the limited profile list. Here, you can select what parts of your profile you’d like him to be able to view.

Now let’s clean up your profile a bit. Remove any risqué quotes from your quotes section. Make sure your profile pic is decent. Speaking of pictures…untag, untag, untag. If there are some sketchy pictures up there, make sure you untag your name. That way, if they click to view your pictures, those won’t show up. (Unless it was you who posted the pictures in the first place.) And don’t forget your groups. If you belong to “I had a sleepover at the county jail” or “drunk sex is the best sex,” please rescind your membership. Immediately.

3. Watch out for MySpace. We were researching a professional gentleman for a lawsuit our firm was preparing for. Imagine our surprise when Googling this man, we came across his MySpace page and found he was friends with a lot of young girls. Very young girls. So young that we had to turn that investigation over to some other people. The reason for this? MySpace pages come up in search engines.

There’s an easy fix for this. You can close your account, of course. But let’s face it: MySpace profiles are just more fun to create. So what I would suggest is that you change your name. So instead of your name being Janet or Jan, change it Smittygurl85 or some other cutesy name that cannot be associated with you whatsoever.

4. Contact your friends. After MySpace and Friendster and all the social networking sites, most damaging pictures and information is located on the personal websites belonging to your friends. Contact them and have them remove those shady stories and sketchy photos from their websites, or at least your name from the captions. If you’ve somehow wound up on some paysite (Heaven forbid) contact the company and demand that they take the pictures down. (Of course, you’re going to having a lot of trouble if you’ve signed a release.)

5. Google yourself again. Do it just as before.

What If It’s Still There?

Give it some time. Often, search engines don’t clear their cache for periods up to six weeks, longer for websites that don’t change frequently. So give it some time. And pray you’ve started this clean up long enough before you begin your job search.


5 Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic

Every day tons of web pages go empty, not a single visitor ever comes from the search engines.

How can you avoid this fate?

Here are some quick hints to make your site a traffic magnet.

1. Incoming Links 
You can do reciprocal link campaigns; get listed in online directories, get links from blogs, buy text links, trade links for ads or articles and more. It really doesn’t matter as long as you are working on getting incoming high quality links. The more often the search engines run into a link to your site, the more it will believe that you have a high quality site and send traffic.

In fact, if you run an aggressive link building campaign in your first six months of operation, your link building program will take on a life of it’s own as other websites will start to reference your site as an information resources. Pretty soon, you’ll find out that there are thousands of websites linking to your home page. This increases your google ranking, plus it gives you thousands of opportunities to get traffic without relying on the search engines.

2. Write More Articles 
Distribute them to site owners, blogs and forums where people are desperate for content. Add a resource box at the end so that anyone who wants to use your article will be required to place an active link back to your site. You should specify active link because there people out there who will use your information for free without giving you proper credit.

3. Add a forum or commenting system 
If you are on a blog, open it comments. This leaves your site open to spam and abuse, but if you have the stamina to clear out unwanted comments, this is a good way to build traffic. People will come back over and over again to see their thoughts in print or just to see what’s new.

If your site is not a blog, add a forum. You can do a quick search on google to find free and easy software that you can use to add a forum. Also, check with you web hosting company to see if a forum is a part of your hosting plan. This way the forum will be integrated and all the links and content will be credited to your site. Customers won’t have to leave your web page to chat or post in the forums.

4. Create an RSS feeds 
Create an RSS feed from your blog, or from one of your main articles pages. As you add more content to the page, the feed will ping all over the web and make your site more attractive to people who are looking for fresh content. Anytime they click on the fee, they will be brought back to your website.

It’s almost like setting up your own article distributions service like the big newspapers and media companies. You have the same power to reach people with your words.

5. Signature File 
Add a quick signature to your email files so that everyone who gets an email from you is aware that you site is up and running. Friends and family can easily become some of your first customers.

These five easy techniques should be a good solid start towards turning your website into a traffic machine.