Driving Traffic to Your Website is Not Just Google’s Job

Proactive Trffic Exchanges Can Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Website Within Hours

StartXchange was established in 2001 and, having lasted the course, now boasts many tens of thousands of members. It is one of the most popular traffic exchanges for many reasons and in this review I will try to outline some of the features that make this the exchange of choice for so many users.

The menu on the left hand side of the members page details all the main features but even while you surf there are still quick links available to get you to the most important parts of the site at any time. As you add your website’s URL a recently deployed scan is used to keep the traffic exchange clean and efficient. It appears to be working well to control the rogue sites employing undesirable scripts.

Free members have the credits they earn assigned automatically although this can be turned off if they don’t want traffic delivered to their site at any particular time. Useful while changing site content. Members who have upgraded always have the choice whether to assign credits automatically or bank them to assign manually at a later time. When assigning credits manually, the member can dictate the number of credits to be delivered daily and the system cleverly strives to deliver the credits evenly at the rate set evenly throughout the day. This is a very useful facility that helps expose your website to the maximum number of unique visitors rather than too many repeat ‘hits’ within a short time frame.

StartXchange provides members with a wealth of information and charts to see how you are surfing and how your sites are being viewed by others. You can even see what members have viewed your websites. A rare feature among the traffic exchanges I’ve explored.

Another feature I like about StartXchange is the ability to filter out exposure to sites which use sound. Many surfers, myself included, find these sites to be very annoying so the ability to keep them filtered out is a great bonus.

The surfbar control is built around colored symbols refreshed each time you view a website. Two of these shapes will match and by clicking on one of these paired shapes lets you continue surfing and earn credit for the page viewed. Remember that the color and position of the symbols will change on each click to stop people using automated macros or bot type scripts to cheat the system. It really is very easy to use.

The time viewing each page is set at 10 seconds, a fair amount of time to judge most websites in my opinion. However a slow loading page is a distinct disadvantage so make sure your site loads quickly or employ a so called ‘Splash Page’ on the exchange that will open your site in a separate window when clicked.

The basic surf ratio is set at 3-1 for free members but this is supplemented by many bonus credits awarded while you surf and the Completed Word feature built in to the surf bar. As you surf the name ‘StartXchange’ is slowly revealed. It takes 100 page views to complete the word but you are then eligible for entry into a daily draw for bonus credits. Three surfers win various amounts of credits each day.

The surf ratio can be improved if you upgrade although, given the regular bonus credits awarded to free members, this is a genuinely effective site to use even if you don’t want to pay for an upgraded surfing ratio. As with most traffic exchanges, you can advertise banners and there is a downline builder if you want to earn even more credit by referring more users from your website.

Where StartXchange really stands out is the additional bonuses you can earn quite easily simply by surfing regularly. If you surf over 20 sites in a day you will receive 10% more credits for your surfing the following day and this increases the more you surf .There is also a rank system which means the more you surf the higher you will rank in terms of ‘activity’. A higher activity level rewards you with even more additional surfing credit.

StartXchange has its own forum which makes it easy to get questions answered and your opinions heard. Help pages are also clearly written and easy to find.

There are two different membership upgrades available labelled Gold and Platinum. They currently cost $6 and $14.95 a month respectively. Each level of upgrade improves your surfing ratio and allocates more benefits.

If time constraints prohibit your ability to surf for credits you can purchase these independently. They represent good value and, naturally, the more you buy the better the value becomes. Upgraded members also receive random referrals allocated as new non-referred members join up.

In summary, StartXchange is one of the few traffic exchanges I’ve experienced where you will get results as a free member. While it’s all very well waiting for Adwords or search engines to begin delivering you traffic, StartXchange enables you to proactively drive viewers to your sites.

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