How to Become a Web Content Writer

Every web site that you go to has had to have a web content writer create the many pages of information that you are reading through. For these sites to stay at the top of the search engine results pages, the sites will need fresh and new web content on a continuous basis. This is why the field of being a web content writer has become one of the fastest growing careers. Everyday there are new web sites popping up on the Internet in need of content. To capitalize on this need is it is a good idea to become a web content writer.

Step One

Learn as much as you can about the freelance writing industry and about web content. To become a web content writer, you need to know about keywords, search engine optimization and how to write for the Internet. These are all pieces of information that you can pick up by searching the Internet or by reading a couple ebooks on the subject. There is a lot to know about how to write web content to help you and the web site that you write for to make money.

Step Two

Rework your resume to focus on your writing skills if you want to become a web content writer. You will want to showcase any specialized knowledge that you may have that a web site owner may want to include on their site. This is a fairly easy and quick step to become a web content writer. Once you have a resume that focuses on writing, you can begin to apply to web content writer positions.

Step Three

Sign up and apply to a couple of web content companies. This is a great way to get started as a web content writer. The company does all of the work of finding clients that need to have web content written and then they give you the assignments. Many of these companies even have editors on hand to clean up your web content and give you pointers on how to better your writing. This is the lower end of the pay scale when it comes to being a web content writer. However, it is a good place to start.

Step Four

Find and apply to private clients to build your web content career. Private clients pay much better then web content companies. You can find listings for private clients that are looking for web content on bidding sites and Craig’s list. You can also choose to query web sites as a web content writer. Many sites that are in need of new web content do not advertise their need. Once you have queried a few sites, you are going to start seeing orders for web content just rolling in.

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