How to Publish Web Content Using the NetBeans IDE

Hello NetBeans developers. This is Elli Starforce writing to you today about how you can publish web content using the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment to publish web content without the hassle of messing around with FTP Clients, Notepad, or your host’s generally annoying online tools.

Step 1) Make sure you have the right NetBeans. NetBeans comes in about 10 or so different versions, so make sure you have one that supports PHP development. Once you’ve successfully installed it, make sure you have the right plugins installed (Tools—>Plugins). (Note: it supports more than just PHP)

Step 2) Click on File —> New Project. A dialog will come up. Select PHP —> PHP Application. Click Next.

Step 3) Name your project, specify its location, etc. Click Next.

Step 4) Select “Run As” —> Remote Web Site (FTP, SFTP).

Step 5) Specify the URL you want your site to run off of (the one you would expect the public to start at) in the “Project URL” area.

Step 6) By Remote Connection, click Manage. Set up the site to the specific FTP mode given to you by your site provider. (Anonymous generally doesn’t do much)

Step 7) Depending on your project, you may want to select the appropriate option under “Upload Files”. I personally prefer “Upload On Save”, but it is up to you.

Step 8) Click Finish!

That’s about it. Now your “source files” folder will behave as if it is the same as the directory which you specified in your FTP setup. You may need to modify the settings in the future. It can be done by right-clicking and setting the properties.

Now, with NetBeans, you can upload more than just PHP files. Under your PHP application, just click “New File” and you can look at the whole list.

Downsides- it doesn’t upload the names of files that are already on the server. It assumes it is just a blank directory. So, if you want to modify something, you have to make a file with the same name in NetBeans than save/run it. Also, I never figured out a way for it to upload files that it can’t natively edit. For example, if I made a folder called “images” and put images in it manually through Windows Explorer… it wouldn’t upload through NetBeans. You’ll have to do that manually through an FTP Client or your site’s control utilities.

Anyways, have fun developing with NetBeans!

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