How to Put Your Pictures on the Web with Flickr

Create a Flickr Picture Set Using Flickr Uploadr

Flickr is among the best picture-sharing web sites. It features a bulk-uploading tool, automatic resizing and a nice slide-show viewer. The process of setting up a picture set is a bit devious, and Flickr’s instructions could stand improvement. This guide is my attempt to fill the gap. What you’ll need:

* An Internet connection. I recommend a high-speed connection for a pleasant experience.

* A Yahoo/Flickr account. Flickr offers a free account for sharing a limited number of pictures. Or you can share more pictures with a pro account for a small monthly fee.

* To use the method described here, you will need to download and install the Flickr Uploadr tool.

Prepare your pictures

1. Organize the pictures you want to make into a Flickr set in a folder. Prefix their file names with numbers that are in descending order, like 095 my dog.jpg . Leave gaps of 5 or so between numbers, so you can adjust the order later without a lot of renumbering. The first picture in the set should have the highest number; a copy of it will become the thumbnail (a little indexing picture) for your set. When you’re done, if you sort the pictures by file name, the last picture will be at the start and the first picture will be at the end. (Flickr has picture display sequencing options, but it keeps reverting to the sequence it likes. This numbering method will keep your pictures in the sequence you want.)

2. Don’t resize the pictures before you upload them. (The idea here is to make small picture files that will display quickly.) The Flickr Uploadr resizes them automatically.

3. Don’t spend a lot of time rotating the pictures so the top is on top. Flickr has its own goofy ideas about which end is the top. After you’ve uploaded them, you’ll have to rotate a lot of them anyway.

Upload them

4. Open Flickr Uploadr.

5. In your picture folder, in the Edit menu click Select all. Windows will make a heavy border around all the pictures.

6. Point your mouse at any of the selected pictures, and hold down the left mouse button. The heavy border around all of the pictures (not just the picture you’re pointing at) should remain, showing that they are still all selected. If it goes away, go back to the previous step.

7. Drag all the selected pictures at once into the Flickr Uploadr window, and release the mouse button. As they’re copied, you’ll notice that their order is reversed; this is the order in which they’ll appear in your set.

8. In the bottom right corner of Flickr Uploadr, Click Upload. The Photo Settings window displays.

9. Optionally, check the privacy setting you want.

10. Optionally, enter tags (key words) to help people who may be searching for pictures like yours. The tags you enter here will be attached to every picture in the set. (Later, you can optionally put tags on individual pictures.)

11. Click Create set. The Set Creation window displays.

12. Enter a title and description for the set. Click Create.

13. In the bottom right corner of the Flickr Uploadr window, click FinishFlickr Uploadr shows a thumbnail of each picture as it uploads it. When it is done, it displays “Your photos are now online!”

Finishing touches

14. In Flickr Uploadr, click See photos . Your web browser opens to a page entitled “Your additions” containing the photos you uploaded. Optionally, you can adjust file names and add tags and descriptions on this page and click OK at the bottom when you’re done. My preference is to make these finishing touches later with a better tool, so I just go to the bottom and click “Go to your photostream page.”

15. “Your photostream page” shows the pictures you just uploaded. But this is not the set you are working on now; this is all of your pictures. If you’ve uploaded pictures before, you’ll probably see some of them here too. That’s because your photostream includes all of your pictures, and each of your sets is a subset of the photostream. In the right margin is an index of your sets with the newest set on top. Click the set thumbnail to go to its page.

16. The set’s page has the title that you specified. It shows a medium-sized version of the set’s thumbnail picture, and small thumbnails of all of the pictures in the set. Click a picture’s thumbnail to edit it.

17. A picture’s page is titled with the picture’s file name (without the file format suffix). It shows a large version of the picture. Picture editing tool buttons are on the top edge of the picture; this is where to go to rotate it.

18. Underneath the picture are description and comment areas. Viewers can enter comments, but only you can edit the description. If the picture has no description, find the description area by mousing over the blank area underneath the picture. This reveals a highlighted bar that says “Click here to add a description.”

19. To the right is a filmstrip tool that shows thumbnails of this picture and an adjacent picture. Click the arrows underneath these thumbnails to move the filmstrip. When you get to a thumbnail whose picture you want to edit, click it.

Share your pictures

20. When you’re done editing, return to the set page by clicking the set title above the filmstrip.

21. In the top right corner of the set page, click “Share this.” A “Share this set” window displays.

22. You can use this window to generate e-mails to your friends with links to the set. But my preference is to “grab the link” at the bottom of the window. I copy it, go to my e-mail program, and paste it into an e-mail there.

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