How to Use Google’s Picasa Web Album

Picasa is Google’s version of your own personal online photo album. I fear it hasn’t received as much recognition as other sites despite its ease to use, storage space, and look and feel. There are a few basics that will help any novice begin their own Web Album using Picasa.

Signing Up

If you already own a Gmail or Google account then you are one step ahead. Picasa is linked to Google’s other features, such as Gmail. All you need to do is pay a visit to and enter your Google Account user name and password in the sign-up box. If you don’t have a Google account then again you just need to visit and create one.

Uploading Photos using the Picasa Software

One you have created an account you can download the Picasa Software, which will make uploading photos fast and simple. When you open the Picasa Software on your computer it will automatically search and locate any new pictures which have been added to your computer and add them to the software as a new album. You can easily see all albums you have on the left hand side of Picasa software program. To add an album to your Web Album all you need to do is click on the album you would like to upload and at the bottom of Picasa you will see a button titled Web Album. If you click this it will prompt you for details regarding the album such as title, date, etc. You will also be prompted to create a new album or to add to an already existing album. Once you have filled in all relevant details it will begin the uploading process. The convenient part of this is that you are able to upload multiple albums at a time which makes it fast to use.

Uploading Photos using the Picasa Web Browser

Once you sign into your Picasa online account you need to locate the upload photos button on the right hand side, and click it. A window will appear prompting you to upload to an already existing album or to create a new album to upload to. You can then upload up to five photos at a time, but be aware that the first time you will need to install the ActiveX. This is a bit slower, but helpful if you only want to upload a small number of photos.

Organizing Photos in your Web Album

Once you have uploaded all photos into your album you can rearrange them to suit your needs. In order to do this click the organize button at the top of the page. You can then click and drag individual photos into the desired order. Another option is to sort all photos by date or name by using the Sort Photos option in the menu.

Adding Captions

You can also add captions to your photos so you remember at a later date when the picture was taken, where it is, or who is in it. To do this all you need to do is click on the picture and type in the caption on the Add Caption option. You can do this in your online Web Album as well as in the Picasa software on your computer.


Picasa Web Albums allows you to use 1GB of free storage when you sign up. If you use all of this storage space up with your photos you do have the option of purchasing additional storage space. There are multiple options and prices to suit your needs.

So there you have it, a quick users guide to Picasa Web Albums. There are many other options and functions of Picasa but for the beginner this will keep it user friendly. I am a fan of Picasa for many reasons, but my top reasons are its easy layout and it’s simplicity to use. If you haven’t taken a look I encourage you to do so.

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