Key Concepts of a Strong Web Site

In web-o-sphere it has been reported in the Library of Alexandria that there are about 2 billion web pages available for people to view. It is reported that there are also about 6 billion people in the world. If we do that math then we can see that every site should receive around 3 visitors. If we consider the amount of people who actually have access to the internet you might find that just about everyone on the web has a page. Thus, you are going to have to draw lots of visitors in order to earn more than your share. That requires a strong web page.

The key concepts involved in building a strong web presence are page design, the content of the page, e-commerce and how you market your site. Each of these has a component in gaining more visitors. To ignore anyone of them is likely to result in fewer visitors. For example, you might spend a lot of time in marketing but if your design isn’t done well, you have little content or you can’t accept online payments, the visitors won’t return. Thus, putting all of these components together so they work in tandem with each other will help ensure you are getting both visitors and sales.

Page Design: It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds to load your page. Even though graphics, lots of pictures, and bouncy little things are neat to look at, it does slow down your webpage. If a customer has to wait sometime to load your page they will probably just move on.

The second component to this is that everything should be designed so that it is easy to find. For example, if you are selling products have a search button, categories, or names easily available on the first page. No one should have to go more than 2 pages deep to get to something they want to read.

Content: Simply listing your product works for large companies but doesn’t work that well for small businesses. You should consider adding content such as articles and informational guides so people can make informed decisions. The second benefit of this is that search engines will visit your page more often and index the information more often which draws more visitors.

E-Commerce: The majority of people don’t like to send checks. Thus e-commerce allows them to purchase products or services from your site by entering in a credit card or debit card. Electronic money is the most common form of money in the U.S. You should allow for other methods of payments such as mailing checks and money orders for those who still do not trust the internet.

Marketing Your Business: There are many forms of marketing available, but only some will work well with your business. The basics of marketing include increasing your links, ranking higher in the search engines, getting listed on searchable indexes, off-line methods and offering online banners. If you don’t know how to do this type of marketing you may consider hiring someone for you.

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