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Money is such an important issue and seems to run many people’s lives. So why don’t people start reconsidering buying different items or wait until the item is out-dated. The best solution is doing a little research online and trying to find the best deal on the item you want to buy. Many people go to major companies and think they are getting a great deal and it could be a great deal. However, almost everything you need could be bought over the Internet at the fraction of the cost. The item will be the same as if you bought it in the store, but you have to wait a few days for the item to be delivered. We are in an age where we want instant gratification, well people can still get what they want if they have a little bit of patience. Whoever said patience is a virtue was correct.

There are many websites that you can surf to find deals and items that you would normally buy at your local stores. I will go in greater detail in the article, but there are three that I visit before I buy anything. I promise you will save hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars buy going to these websites a year. I am not getting paid by promoting these sites, it has always been said if you produce something good it will flourish because people will communicate. Well I am trying to communicate to you about good website’s to visit before you buy a dvds, batteries, phones, ect.

The first of the three sites is Amazon. It is very simple and easy to navigate throughout the site, so don’t be afraid. You must have an Amazon account to buy from the site. This is free and only takes minutes to set up. When you are ready, type something that you might buy in the search bar on the top of the page. Then your item or product will appear. Now most of the time Amazon’s “buy new” price in never the lowest. You should check next to that where it says “used and new.” Here people are selling the same product you are looking for at a fraction of what you would find in the store. If you want an even better deal and you don’t mind that someone else used that item, you can get a deeper discount on the item being used. You have to take in consideration on what you are buying and the price of the new compared to the used. Amazon is that simple, I personally buy everything from electronics (video games/dvds to replacement heads for my toothbrush). Not only will Amazon save you money, but it could also make money for you. Creating a sellers account will allow you to sell anything you have. Amazon does take a small commission, but well worth it (having a paypal account also speeds up the receiving processes). I rather use Amazon over the next site that I will talk about which is Ebay.

Ebay is another site that is a must check before you buy anything from you local store. Many of us use Ebay, but I see many not using it the correct way. There are a number of people that buy from “auction” listing then “buy now” listing. On most of the items that you want to buy, unless it is something rare, it would be beneficial to make sure you check the “buy it now” of the item you are trying to purchase. For example, if someone wants to buy NHL 09 check both the “auctions only’ and ‘buy it now only” listings, by using the tab towards the top of the screen. Then once you have enter the “buy it now” make sure you go towards the far right side of your screen and change the “sort by” button to “price+shipping: lowest first.” This will save you a lot of time waiting and biding on auctions. Most of the time you get it for the same price or maybe even cheaper. If you like deals of the day Ebay has this feature as does my next website. is a site that you don’t go looking for just anything. It has one deal of the day posted and is lower then any other place on the Web. This is a great site to check day to day to find items you would normally not buy unless it was a fantastic deal.

Understanding there are items that are in need of quickly or “at that moment,” however if it can wait then the following three websites could help you on saving money without losing out on the products you need or want. Both Amazon and Ebay have daily deals so checking back when you are at your computer might land you a very nice steal. One could become a professional online shopper and brag to their friends and family on what a deal you got. If you don’t plan then you are planning to fail!

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