Where Can I Get Free Web Templates for Online Publishing?

Free Web Templates

The best place to get your free web templates is from your hosting company. If it is their product they will probably provide support free of charge. I am always looking for products with support. It can be very frustrating to work on something for months only to have your content messed up from one mistake.

If you do go with a free product that you find online, check that it is compatible with your hosting account; there are no weird file extensions that will send your web hosting provider into a hissy fit.

It happens.

Look for reviews online. People love to talk and they love to link. See what others are saying about the quality of the product.

And make sure that the template is compatible with your topic. No matter how cute or pretty it looks, it must convey the purpose of your website before anyone has a chance to read the content.

So if you are going for an entrepreneurial route or even a professional business angle, stay away from cute graphics of animals and people unless that is the focus of your website.

Where to look? 
1. Free templates search on google or yahoo 
2. Your web host. 
3. Get recommendations from others online.

I’m using the Typepad blogging system right now so my entire design work involved picking a preformatted templates, making a few simple adjustments and then I add content.

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