YouTube; a Web that Got Everything

Over the last few months YouTube has become my principle source of entertainment. Why? The basic premise of YouTube is simple: make a video, upload it, let the world see it and comment on it. In no time at all YouTube has become the repository of world culture. If an alien landed tomorrow he wouldn’t say ‘Take me to your leader’, he’d say ‘Let me watch YouTube’.

My 77 year old mother-in-law challenged me to find a song she hadnt heard for 50 years. Within seconds she was listening to it with amazement. Our non-existent future kids will wonder about- how did mommy/daddy live in a world without YouTube? It’s like the cell phone, the iPod and the laptop- nowadays- a world without those things is just not comprehensible.

I give praise to YouTube. What is the fuss all about? Well- remember when something happened and you had to hear about it from your friends? Remember when news wasn’t overplayed like reruns? No one has time to wait anymore. No one has time to sit down and watch the news. People want to see what’s going on when they want. They want YouTube.

With the powerful addition of the Google search, finding what you want on YouTube is pretty darn easy. I find YouTube most purposeful for unrepeatable incidents. Missed the democratic presidential candidates debate? They’ve got it. Miss Clinton’s presidency, and want to relive his moments? They’ve got it. Britney’s sad comeback on the VMAs? They’ve got it.

YouTube is the best site to visit if you get bored. Just type in a random word and the chances are something will come up. Type in coconut and you’ll probably see a video of someone (tends to be someone with no friends apart from the person holding the camera) juggling coconuts before drinking the milk out of it using a bamboo stick and a hoover. I’m not joking the “YouTubers” do film the strangest things.

It’s not only a place to laugh AT others, but a place to watch the latest movie trailers or funny videos. Even if your only interest is of politics and the art of unicycling, I can guarantee that there are thousands of videos for you. There’s even videos of a guy solving the rubiks cube in 10 seconds!

With YouTube, the future is now, and we can watch things that entertain us from all over the world. So the next time you’re bored, visit YouTube and watch some videos.

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